Sunday, August 10, 2014

Flanks Steaks Cooked Sous Vide - 36 hours cook

Here are just succulents flanks steaks cooked sous vide for 36 hours at 131 F. It was really good tender and moist. Look at the color of the meat, it is still pink after 36 hours. For sure I will do it again...way too easy.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

My version of the Bill Murray Burger (Bill U Murray Me Burger)

The burger is ground sirloin, with an egg yolk and cheese in the center, a truffle oil brushed portobello mushroom cap, more cheese, smoked thick bacon, slice of tomato, and spicy mayo.... Cooked Sous Vide at 140 F.

Meat sweats food coma coming on...

Thanks @cheftips yet again.

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Duck Confit Cooked Sous Vide

A beautiful Duck confit on a bed a garlic mashed potatoes cooked Sous Vide. Life is hard....

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Chiliean Sea Bass Cooked SousVide

We did a nice cooked Chilean Sea bass in our SousVide Supreme Oven. Nice flavours, tender and a nice broth. Served on pasta zucchinis, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Thanks for recipes at this website.

Cooked at 140F for 12 minutes.

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Cooking Steaks SousVide - Water Oven SousVide Supreme Machine

The texture of the steak is soft and buttery and velvety! Almost unbelievable is how easy it was... Set it and forget it for at least the recommended cooking time based on meat thickness and doneness desired. Then when ready, sear it as desired! The longer it stays in the sous vide, the more tender it is, yet not cooked beyond the selected temperature!

Literally in one hour we had a better than most restaurant-style steak at home with minimal effort! Plus reproducible every time!

Cooked at 134 F

After sousvide, grilled on BBQ

Two different steaks, same cooking colour and doneness.

Sousvide Supreme Machine

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